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A very very cute fun loving person. She's smart, talented, has a great personality, and you can never be bored when your around her. Funny has to be her middle name, because her antics will make you rotfl. She is an awesome person and your lucky if you meet one.
"Zamara is da cooliest"
by puppyluv1522 July 09, 2014
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She is a very loving person. She is everyone’s best friend while she could be stubborn.She loves the outdoors and is very active. She usually has brown hair straight or wavy. She is always talkative and hyper. If you notice she is also beautiful. If you meet one of these you have to be thankful for having this person in your life. She is funny and will make you roll on the floor.
Zamara-a persons name they are given at birth /adjective
by Zamara May 17, 2018
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