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A beautiful girl from Puerto Rico who is great at sports. She often freaks out at random, and will do anything for the color purple. Her most favorite clothing item is definitely leggings. She often makes inappropriate jokes and apologizes too often. Her worst subject at school is music and French, and her best is social studies. She often refers to herself as a 'white girl' as she loves Starbucks and UGGS, but she's clearly a poser as she's not actually white. Also, she'd kill for whipped cream or her friends, as she is fiercely loyal to them. But watch out, if you are a bitch to a Zairi, she'll get her revenge by leaving your side. If you are in a relationship with Zairi, you are very, very lucky. She's obsessed with boys, mainly Bradley Cooper.
Zairi is great at lacrosse

Girl: did you see that girl in band? She's so awkward sometimes
Someone else: oh that's just Zairi. She hates the teacher.

Boy: I wish I was dating Zairi..
Ex boyfriend of Zairi: good luck with that, she's in love with Bradley Cooper
by theholdup March 13, 2015
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