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Zaim is taken from arabic word ( زعيم) means Ruler/ Chairman / Head / Cheif.
Zaim is usually used amongs a muslim community for a baby boy.

He usually have a very attractive personality and a kind heart.
He sometimes might be ignorance but careful at the same time.
He is a zaim of my heart
by AJ2317 April 23, 2018
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1. A word sometimes uttered by young children before they know proper speech.

2. A human male that is short and makes average sized to tall people wish they were short due to the immense magnitude of his coolness.

- Also can be applied to an irregularly thin guy that makes others wish they were as thin due to his overwhelming appeal.
" Man, I wish I was as short as that kid, what a zaim."

"He is such a zaim that it makes me want to diet, and I'm already 15lbs. underweight!"
by Jokoko February 04, 2010
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