a word used when you like something; a new substitute for nifty
bob: "wow that was nifty!!"
mary: "you mean zaggy??"
by niftybabe January 17, 2011
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A Zaggy is a girl u see with a nice body and ugly fast or nice face and ugly body. For males it is called Zagger
For example you see a girl and they have some nice boobs and booty but then u look at her face an it looks like a horse kicked her in it so u go "DAM Zaggy" or "look at that Zaggy". Or u see a girl with a hot face and the u look at her body and shes fat, thin, small breasts, no ass, ect. And the same thing goes for Zaggers.
by tdotBsohot August 02, 2011
Happy St. Patties Day!