The sweetest guy you'll ever know he doesn't show it, he so damn cute you'll like him and not even realise when you get to know him he isn't so intimidating he is one of those guys you admire from a far and watch grow when you get to know him he gets to you know you too he is always open to talk to, he has been through things but we all have, he is easily hurt but will put it to the side to help you is you find a Zackary don't let him go!
Person 1: I think i like him...
Person 2: Who?
Person 1: Zackary..
by youll.never.know July 29, 2017
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A gentle giant who will come out of his shell to help any of his friends in need. Do not provoke a Zackary because they've been through hell and back and bottled up so much that any second it can explode. He will go out of his way to help anyone. They may not look the best but they are extremely beautiful on the inside. They are always looking for someone to help cheer them up when not trying to help cheer up others. They are amazing secret keepers. They'll sacrifice their own well-being for somebody else's benefit because they are not selfish. They are also very skilled artists who enjoy it with a passion. Lastly they keep their love interests a secret because they're afraid that they might be rejected.
That guy over there what's his name?
Oh that's Zackary, he's a funny as hell and nice dude.
by I<3Uz May 17, 2019
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completely awesome person, awesome in the bed, better than a vinny or an owen completely filled with awesomeness so much better than a carson
Look at him, he can't be a vinny or an owen and definately not a carson, he must be a zackary.
by Zdfcs2929@ May 13, 2016
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A blonde bimbo who doesn't know anything about any topic but how to sit in a box
Another suspension!? Jeez Zackary your violent
by rachel the intern December 17, 2019
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Zackary is a bitch! He can't keep a girl
Man how many girls can he go through in a week - kid

I got money on 4 zackary cant keep a girl - other kid
by hiyo90726 May 17, 2019
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a really good looking tall boy that will make your stomach get butterflies every time you look his way. he isn’t very confident but has the most gorgeous smile and body you would ever see. when you are texting it is obvious he cares about you... unless of course he is watching tik toks . sometimes you can’t trust him but he is honestly the hottest nicest guy ever
wow who’s that

oh that’s zackary of course
by 52505asdfghjkl November 25, 2019
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