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Zero Fucks Given - the act of literally not giving a damn about something.
Girl: I can't decide if I want to wear this dress or this other dress. Honey, what do you think?

Guy: Wear what you want. ZFG.


Guy 1: Dude, bro code. You can't go for that chick. Josh will kill you.
Guy 2: ZFG. He's the one who dumped her. She's fair game.
by ZFG August 06, 2014
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Zelda Freak Glitcha. The Greatest Ocarina of Time Speedrunner of all time.
Person 1: Dude who are you?
ZFG: I'm ZFG, or God himself.
by aperturelink May 10, 2019
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ZFG = Zero Fucks Given.

It's something you can use to piss people off :)
It's also a graffiti gang
person hits person 2
person 2: OOOOH MLG FaZe!!!!1111111 zero fukkz gyven!!!! ZFGGGGG!!!!!!!!! 11 wow.exe SpoodermeN1!!!1(111)!!!!!!1
by Purpose Inc. June 11, 2016
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