Zelda Freak Glitcha. The Greatest Ocarina of Time Speedrunner of all time.
Person 1: Dude who are you?
ZFG: I'm ZFG, or God himself.
by aperturelink May 10, 2019
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Zero Fucks Given - the act of literally not giving a damn about something.
Girl: I can't decide if I want to wear this dress or this other dress. Honey, what do you think?

Guy: Wear what you want. ZFG.


Guy 1: Dude, bro code. You can't go for that chick. Josh will kill you.
Guy 2: ZFG. He's the one who dumped her. She's fair game.
by ZFG August 7, 2014
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"hey, did you hear the news about Lindsay Kardashipalin?"

"ZFG, you're wating your life"
by to_the_third November 9, 2011
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ZFG = Zero Fucks Given.

It's something you can use to piss people off :)
It's also a graffiti gang
person hits person 2
person 2: OOOOH MLG FaZe!!!!1111111 zero fukkz gyven!!!! ZFGGGGG!!!!!!!!! 11 wow.exe SpoodermeN1!!!1(111)!!!!!!1
by Purpose Inc. June 11, 2016
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Zero Fucks Given. The online persona of a YouTube based copwatcher out of Boulder, Colorado. ZFG Videography posts raw, unbiased footage of cops in real situations.
Hey, did you see how ZFG got arrested for filming in public?
by ZFG Videography November 23, 2019
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