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"ZA WARUDO!" (also known as The World) is a phrase that is used by DIO when activating is stand's power, which is time stopping. It is also used to call his stand, which is also named The World (surprise, surprise).
Usually, the phrase "Toki wo tomare!" (Time will stop!) and a time stop effect (just imagine a fart sound, but a deep one, is layered over a remixed version of a ticking clock ) comes after "ZA WARUDO!" is screamed. After that, well time resumes (Soshite toki wa ugaki dasu)
The phrase is also used by Jotaro in part 4 and 6 of the series, but with the addition of his stand's name which is Star Platinum : The World (Suta Purachinamu : Za Warudo)
Dude 1 :"Hey dude, do you know the real way to stop time?"

Dude 2 :"As an anime fan, I'll do it in a graceful way."
*Clears throat*

Dude 1 : "This is why I love you bro."
by Geroxynm May 07, 2018
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A stand that can stop and or manipulate Time. Also a word that is quite fun to say.

It is time i kill you jotaro..ZA WARUDO!
by Ultima (AKA Coba/Zach)cXd June 04, 2017
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ZA WARUDO, (ZA-WAL-DO) was originally used by DIO, in part 3 of jojo's bizarre adventure. It has the ability to stop time, and DIO can make time stop and resume as he wishes. However, it is also do-able in real life. If you shout ZA WARUDO similarly to how DIO does, everyone will stop and turn to you, essentially stopping time, as everyone is frozen in confusion and fear.
*everyone turns*
*everyone will be too scared to even move*
by Nathan's Username October 18, 2019
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Where a male holds a women down during a sexual act to represent Time Stop. He will then ejaculate in her even though she didn't want him to and then the male will then yell Za Warudo! or Za Nutto!. He will then leave and act like nothing happend.
Yo nigga, let me give you this Za Warudo.
by Big Titty Nigato September 18, 2019
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