An insufferable internet troll who only exists to tell everyone to shrinkwrap their dinosaur reconstructions and tell people to kill themselves if they don't.
Someone just said that Tyrannosaurus couldn't have lips.
Ah, let me guess, a Z-Boomer?
by W3LC0M3 March 9, 2022
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a flimsy cuckhold who manages to make whales into anorexic water monsters. also is a homophobic, transphobic POS who has a severe lack of females and manages to make a Tyrannosaurus even Fuglier then the JP rex.
"ah, that cuckbag on twitter who freaks out over a crumb of gay and thinks he could 1v1 a Deinonychus without any sort of weapony."
by YoMama_Fan_31 January 1, 2023
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A nice, down to earth honest Brazillian guy who loves paleontology, people say evil things like how he wants people to commit sucide (kill themselves) and how we is unreible and write the dreaded PARAGRAPH. These are lies by Obama bin Ladan and some dolphin guy. A few other people will also slander him and make gay memes about him. All those who slander him will be punished by Allah Hussein Obama the Kayne west rip off from Yemen
z-bommer: They did not have them, its the truth
Faggot: I would not TrUsT HiM, Dinosaurs had dewlaps, he wrote A WHOLE PARAGRAPH OMG HE LOVES WHEN PEOPLE KILL THEMSELVES. Z-boomer is gayyyyyyyy
Z-bommer: The fuck?
by greyideas get edgy November 3, 2020
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