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A sexy beast who the women all go after.
Oh man, that Yuxuan thinks he's so cool.
I wish I was Yuxuan.
"That was good Yuxuan"
by lolllerskateslol April 10, 2008
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Acts charming in school, sometimes acts dumb but is really using his time on school to plan which girls to get on his bed tonight. Does push ups regularly to harden... His muscles
If I were a girl, I would date you yu xuan
by Does not matter June 30, 2018
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A sexy beast all women want. Acts like a God. He is a God. Face of a God. Handsome and very intelligent (high IQ). Muscular and handsome.
I can’t believe Hannah isn’t with Yuxuan, they suit each other perfectly
by Pseudo.Psnake May 10, 2019
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