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Smart, Beautiful Yusra's usually turn out successful and wealthy. They love to eat but they never gain. Yusras don't have to do much to be loved. Sometimes Yusras go over the edge but still has friends to keep the balance. Yusra enjoys being around with everyone and her smile makes you want to smile. Yusras are usually very successful. They are attractive and are exemplars to others. They are fun to be around and are usually in the crowd, Yusras make you laugh. Yusras have good lives and are very successful.
"That girl is such a Yusra!!!!"

"I wish I can be a Yusra"

"She's a nice Yusra"
by Crystal_correctdefinitons December 25, 2011
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Yusra is a beautiful young woman. She absolutely loves kpop and she's gay for Jennie.

she's more than what meets the eye. y'all she hit her up.
"I wish I was a Yusra."
by dinoisbeautiful June 30, 2018
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She a PIMP! Wit skills like dat, she be rollin on the streets gettin dough from all dA Hoes! She got a BIG, TIGHT ASS! She likes dem black men!
by MEdaBOMBdiggity February 11, 2010
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A girl thats super quiet, but can turn really loud. Fun af to be around, makes life a joy. Is both hot and cute. Bad bitch to the max. Shes either super loud and annoying or quiet asf. Shes also pretty af
Whos that girl?

Its Yusra, the bad bitch.
by theyseemesharmoutintheyhatin January 02, 2019
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code word for a girl who gets drunk off 3 beers or less. also used to describe one who is height-challenged.
check out that yusra!

or: wow, that girl is such a yusra she couldnt get on the rollercoaster.
by nikkipants February 12, 2008
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She is a Syrian swimmer who went to Olympics in Tokyo and other states. She also has a sibling named Sarah Mardini. She is 20 years old and her bday his on March 5.
Hi Yusra you do good! That's because I'm a swimming star!
by Ochia May 14, 2018
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