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Adjective. Mixture of the words "Yucky," and "Funky." When something is disgustingly bad, especially in regards to food or smell. Yucky + Funky = Yunky
Around the table during a Holiday meal:
Tina screws up her face and spits what she was chewing into a napkin. Her Mom asks her if she's ok because she looked like she was going to vomit or choke.

Mom: Baby, are you ok?!
Tina: Omg Mom, don't touch Aunt Flo's cranberry relish pie, it's so yunky!
Mom: Sorry honey, some people really should not be cooking.

Two guys walk towards a food truck & quickly swerve and stroll.
Martin: Hey Mike let's go check out that Tofu Turkey Taco truck.
Mike: (sniffs) Oh hell no! Do you smell that yunky mess?
by Jenefur January 08, 2016
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A combination of young and chunky of the female sex.

A girl who is 18 years or younger, voluptuous and cute.
i met this girl last night, she was so yunky. I could not stop staring at her.
by adepttt May 03, 2011
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An adverb that describes ones yunk (AKA dubjuice)
Bro i got yunked the fuck out on some sick dub juice last night.

Get fucking yunky
by dirtyd696969 October 23, 2011
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