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The shortened name for the city of Ypsilanti, used by local residents. Someone who is speaking of Ypsi either: 1. Lives there. 2. Goes to school there. 3. Likes what the city has to offer. 4. Will complain about how they were once robbed there.

It is a charming city, with character and lots to offer. A miniature Ann Arbor, minus the pretentious people, but with more crime. Just pay attention..
Guy #1. Yo man let's go get into something tonight, I heard about this house party in Ypsi.
Guy #2. Shit son, who do you know from there? That sounds kinda sketchy.
Guy #1. I used to go to school with the kid, I can't promise it wont be sketchy. Sometimes shit just pops off in Ypsi. And it's usually really interesting, you down?
Guy #2. OK, word.
by BlackKasper March 10, 2014
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