Is a female.
Is an amazing person over all.
She often gets a lot of boys.
Yoyo is so amazing!
by JuDe DiXoN August 5, 2021
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a god-like, absolute chad/messiah, academically speaking, in your school

someone who has succeeded in every standardized exam known to man in his life.

In the context of an IB school, he the kind of person who takes 4 HL courses while you are still whining about one of your SL courses being too hard. He mocks the mediocrity of AAHL math, sighs at the outrageous simplicity of Econ HL, and is appalled by the cruel fact that quantum physics is not considered a regular course for IB students.

At times Yoyo's humility would simply be overshadowed by his unbelievable achievement like an elephant in the room.

This looks like while all of you are begging for slight increments in your predicted grades and using college compass to calculate if you can get into usnews top 30 or G5 UK schools, scrambling over your pathetic college essays over the night before ED 1's deadline, and wondering if you could ever reach your heavily inflated predicted scores in the final IB exam, Yoyo has already secured a seat in the one of Ivy leagues/ Oxbridge's academic hall of fame and would likely start teaching as a life-long professor after the summer of Grade 12.

Yoyo's presence shatters the dimension of rationality, he might act humble enough to become almost invisible in your petty life at school, for Yoyo is no Mr. Popularity; but Yoyo will ultimately be the person riding his holy beast through the gates of Valhalla while watching the rest of the mortals struggle their heads above the water.
Student 1: Hey yoyo, are you okay? why do you look depressed?
Yoyo: I feel like my high school life is a failure

Student 2: Why tho?
Yoyo: I should've gone for 5 HLs, if not 6, or I should've appealed IB for 7 HLs but they won't let me
Student 1: guess I should've redone GCSE
Student 2: I should've never been born
by ebay with a T October 9, 2022
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You will be incredibly lucky if you ever meet a Yoyo. Yoyo has his heads on his shoulders, and a handsome head at that. He has a month's worth of music on his computer. When he farts he creates concertos fit for a king. He is very good at slappin da bass. Yoyos are known for having the softest lips ever. When he kisses you it's the perfect balance between passion and tenderness. He is super considerate. Even if it is in the dead of night, he will run to a bodega to make sure you are well fed.
Man, you're so lucky to have met Yoyo. He's a real catch. I wish I had a Yoyo.

When Yoyo holds me I feel like I might burst any second with happiness.
by pallidpanda May 23, 2010
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Yoyo- you're only young once, a more age appropriate term of yolo for students
Alice: Owen are you going to do that cheesy grin while on avalanche ? Owen: sure , yoyo
by Blackpool April 5, 2012
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Drake said YOLO and I say YOYO. Youre Only Young Once that's my mothaf*ckin motto.
*skydiving* YOYO
*Rock Climbing* YOYO
*Rager* YOYO
by YoyoGg July 23, 2012
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A slang word for car.

It originates from rhyming slang, as Yoyo Ma rhymes with car.
Robson: Hey, Deborah, have you seen my yoyo?

Deborah: No, sorry, but I did see the back seat.
by technology212 April 8, 2010
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Abbreviation for You're On Your Own. Something you say after a stupid person says YOLO, letting them know that you have no part in what stupid thing they're about to do.
Guy 1: Hey, I'm gonna go bungee jump off a bridge, YOLO!
Guy 2: Uh, YOYO bro. Go be stupid by yourself.
by ilikechickennn August 22, 2012
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