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The free version of Itunes that simply requires getting on YouTube and searching the name of that certain song you've been itching to hear but refuse to spend a dollar on
by Rolley Chase April 26, 2009
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Using you tube as a primary source of music, instead of using iTunes as a music player. Usually done by people who are not computer savvy, or cheap.
Carlos: Hey, did you download the playlist I gave you to your iTunes for the party tonight?
Romeo: Nah, I couldn't out how, so I'm just going to use you tunes tonight.

Julio: ah man, I don't want to pay for the new eminem song, I'm just going to listen on you tunes.
by Bicuspid2011 April 30, 2010
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The poor man's iTunes. Using YouTube to listen to songs and music videos in lieu of purchasing said songs.
"The price of music on iTunes is too steep for me, so I rock YouTunes for free."

"I hit up YouTunes for all of my dance parties; CDs are for chumps."
by TonyTwoTimes, TwoTimes December 26, 2009
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Used in the place of Itunes. Where someone uses Youtube to listen to music, instead of just buying it there self.
"Dude, why spend the money when you can just go to Youtunes!"
by tommyp15 February 23, 2010
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