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The suffering one experiences after spending hours in front of a computer watching YouTube videos.
A: Ughhh, I've got a headache.
T: Why, what's wrong?
A: I came down with Youtuberculosis today. I just couldn't stop watching videos online last night, and it kept me up.
T: Is that contagious?
by Amanda Dorsch October 24, 2007
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A condition that arises when one spends a large amount of time bumming around on YouTube. This implies randomly looking for videos and wasting time rather than trying to find something or doing something useful.
Joe: Damn, what happened to Chris? I heard he got a bad case of YouTuberculosis and watched videos about trampoline accidents for three hours yesterday?

Dan: I know, he didn't want to go to the bar and watch the game because he was on YouTube!
by AnotherAnonymous June 08, 2007
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