When your bro, points out a girl (Commonly referred to as blade or yoke) who is exactly your kind of girl. Not to be confused with actual body weight.
Bro! She is your weight.
by doitinadatsun October 01, 2018
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for a woman to back that thang up, or to put her booty on a man, while dancing; to be supported by something/someone; to firmly agree with/to something; to submit to something;
As in, "I like the way you're moving on the dance floor especially when I'm behind you and your booty is bouncing like that. Trust me, I'm a strong man, so, get it shawty!...g'on and put your weight on it."
by nspen1010 October 30, 2007
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1) To be in a situation that requires powers or abilities that one does not possess.

2) To be (temporarily) successful in such a situation.

From boxing; a fighter who is punching above his weight is fighting an opponent who is heavier and more dominant.
You're only a freshman, so take an intro class. Don't try to punch above your weight.

West Bromwich Albion are punching above their weight in the Premier League. They'll soon be back in the second division where they belong.

Jeff was punching above his weight when he was dating Liz. She's way too hot for him.
by JasperHarrison January 03, 2011
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"Get your weight up means I don't care if you're at school, I don't care if you're working at McDonald's, it's all about elevation in life. It's all about taking your life to the next step, and that's what I mean by that. I see a lot of people who run around here, man, and they just talk all the time about dope, and it ain't just about the streets and you getting your weight up. I know a lot of school cats who are trying to achieve their goals themselves, so whatever goals you achieve is getting your weight up." -Stank
Quit fuckin' around and get your weight up homie.
by Erdos July 10, 2008
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\pənCH əˈbəv ˈyu̇r ˈwāt\ To pull or pick up someone who's better looking than you.
1. To punch above your weight

(a) It's so much easier to punch above your weight in a foreign country when you have an accent.

2. How is it that Maynzie consistently punches above his weight?
by Melbourne696969 April 20, 2013
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Boxing idiom used to describe being in a situation where you're overmatched. Can be used in relation to other sports, as well as relationships.
"That fox was bound to leave you, Fat Albert. Next time, don't punch above your weight."
by gutshot74 September 21, 2011
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