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Can be abbreviated as Y.B.E. or singular.

Young African-Americans who are just proof that the Black community is in trouble and in need to unify in order to become a better nation. Y.B.E. have what we call "slave mentality" whereas they may believe in segregating by skin color or may based intelligence and beauty on how dark or light someone is, the measure how much Indian they have in them, they blame the white man for everything when we only hold ourselves back...I can go on.

Examples of a male Y.B.E.:
1. Materialism, mostly influenced by rap culture.
2. Has multiple children born to multiple mothers. In addition, he may not be taking good care of these children AND has drama with the mothers.
3. Think that the only way he can make "quick cheddar" or fast money is to be a rapper, basketball player, record label owner or drug dealer.
4. Thinks that driving a BLACK Cadillac Escalade or other large SUV or truck will make him more "gangsta" or more of a man, when he can't even afford to put gas in it.
5. Gotta have a nice whip.
6. Brags on about how "big his dick is" and measures his manhood by the size of his penis.
7. Thinks that there are more prettier light-skinned women than dark-skinned women.
8. Idolizes rappers like Cam'Ron, Jay-Z, Jim Jones...when there are better role models to choose from.
9. Thinks that "2Pac and Biggie" are the "Malcolm X and Dr. King" of our time. Need I say more?
10. Disrespect women.
11. Thinks BET is the best channel for Black people.
12. Would miss an education Black forum to go home and see "Hip-Hop's Most Famous Beefs" on BET, when it is going to be reran about 68745026734 times.
13. Chooses not to vote for a Black political candidate because he feels that Black people cannot take such positions.
14. Feels that Black people aren't gonna get far, therefore, he doesn't try his best and uses that theory for an excuse.
15. Hate Black women because of stereotypes, so to escape from them, only dates white women.
16. Are e-gangstas and will threaten you over Myspace.
17. Thinks that being a good father means "being homo".
18. Is an Uncle Tom (definition #2).
19. Cannot go to a community event without starting a fight between he and his boys.
20. Feels that looking cool is declining the driver seat so far back that it looks like a ghost is driving the car.
21. Thinks that every female should look like a video ho.
22. Thinks that the beauty standard for Black women is what's in rap videos.
23. Mainstream rappers (i.e. 50 Cent)
And there's possible more.

Examples of a female Y.B.E.:
1. Dates male Y.B.E.
2. Think she's ugly because she has African facial features.
3. Idolizes Lil' Kim when there is Oprah to look up to.
4. Has a large amount of children born to different fathers.
5. Desires to be a video ho.
6. Judges a man based on the car he drives or what he can give her (usu. monetary).
7. Feels that no other Black girl can be her friend because they are either "haterz", "jealous" or "fake".
8. Always angry. Talks loud and angrily, has to start fights if you breath on her, always causes a scene, thrives off of drama, always has a chip on her shoulder.
9. If she is dark skinned, hate every light-skinned girl because she is "stuck-up".
10. See Black American Princess.
11. Hate her race and tries to blend in with whites in order to feel good about herself.
12. Thinks having long straight hair is what's pretty.
13. Thrives off of Kimora Lee Simmon's lifestyle, including the idolization of Kimora Lee.
14. Has to look like a glamour diva everywhere she goes, even if she's just walking to the fucking mailbox.
15. Idolizes Paris Hilton. You got to be fucking kiddin' me.
16. Only dates guys who are thugs or pretty boys because she feels that Black men who are neither are gay or dorks.
17. Never smiles.
18. Feels like the size of her ass is what's gonna make her.
19. Act like 13 year olds when they are 27 years old.
20. Thinks that anyone who doesn't like what everyone else like is a h8ter! <-- Spelled just like that.
21. Thinks men such as Jim Jones, Jay-Z, Lil' Wayne and Ludacris are sexy...when it's not them it's their money that makes them "sexy".
22. Bands with other females just to create drama.
23. Cannot support other Black women because they feel competition.
24. Hoodrats.
25. Video vixens.
26. Uses welfare as a source of income, yet magically has money for her hair, nails, clothes and club parties...
There is possibly more...

These examples are interchangable between male and females. These examples can also be seen on shows like Maury Povich, Judge Mathis, Flava of Love, and channels like BET and MTV. What people need to understand is that NOT ALL BLACK PEOPLE ARE LIKE THIS. This is why us Blacks with good sense are so against Y.B.E.s because they are making us look bad as a group of people!
Tiffany "New York" Pollard and Mike Jones are examples of Young Black Embarrassments.

Too bad that there are so many of these. I thank God for the African-Americans that are doing positive things, are standing for what's right and making our ancestors proud.
by twistedbabydoll August 18, 2007
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