A phrase that primarily applies to black women but is also applying more and more to black men in America. Single black women having become disillusioned with being the breadwinner and homemaker of the family. In dating white men, black women have discovered that white men tend to be more financially stable, less likely to cheat, less likely to be abusive, and if there is a pregnancy are more likely to stick around and be a part of the child's life even if the relationship doesn't work out. All things that women want in a relationship.
Greg: Is it true that charice is getting married to a white guy?
Boosie: Yeah, white boys don't fuck around. You always see them with the hottest girls in the neighborhood.
Greg: Why Is she doing that?
Boosie: I asked her and she told me, Once you've had white, you never go back to black.
by WileECoyote.genius September 27, 2022
If someone or something has 'had it,' it means they've reached a state wherein they're not functioning how they normally should.
Angus: *Does or says something stupid*
Clay: 'Haha! You've had it, mate'


*The car breaks down*
'Fuck, the car's had it'