Used to tell someone that you believe they can or will succeed in dealing with something
by kezbu June 17, 2019
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if you have something to show off, like your body, mind, skill, talent, dont keep it to yourself. Show the world!
My grandma used to say to me when i wore that oversize sweater, "honey, I know you got a nice body under there; why you wearing that ugly ass sweater. If you've got it, flaunt it! Here, take my credit card and go shopping at forever 21 honey. do it."
by not a biter December 17, 2018
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An expression said by a man to another man. Can be said also by a woman to a man, but that is much more rare and weird.
Simply, the expression "You've got no balls" can stand for:
You have no self-respect, you are a coward, you can't face your problems like a man, etc.

After the expression is told to someone, he has to prove otherwise- do what he was told to do, or simply say:
"I do have balls. You wanna see them?"
-Why do you let him insult you like this? Go and kick his ass!
-No, it will get me into trouble.
-You've got no balls! Go and face him like a man!
by Urban_Fellow July 4, 2006
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Based off of the Tom Hanks film, when two people in relationships like each other, they have mail.
Guy One " Dude shes hotter than my girlfriend."
Guy Two " Dude You've got mail"
by Bac100 June 17, 2011
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It can't be true. New Jersey
Used when someone is really surprised at something. For instance, when the bartender explains that they ran out of beer on tap on St. Patrick's Day, the response would be, "You've got to be kidding me!!"
by Colleen Ann May 28, 2006
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a New Zealand expression used when someone thinks too highly of themselves compared to reality
you've got tickets on yourself don't you!
by hay.jenikke February 12, 2018
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