To do nothing and everything at the same time
You're a Colin when you simply do fuck all but proclaim to have done everything and anything.
by IDontLikeCreative January 14, 2022
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Gaming terminology to describe someone who is oblivious to everything. A player / person whose skills are questionable at best, but is 'good at everything'.

To do a 'Colin', is to neglect your teammates, to steal loot, to empty rounds into walls from pointblank, blame the dog, and bascially offer nothing to the squad.

Anything that is unquestionably a 'Colin', is a 'Colin'. You know a 'Colin' moment when you see one.

For those who are the 'Colin' you buy levels, sit-back, last to die as you've contributed nothing.

In a Colins eyes you were amazing.
Youve just emptied a mythic drumgun into a wall from pointblank. You proclaim to say'hes one tap'. Your team come over and die - he was full health. You're a colin.
by IDontLikeCreative January 13, 2022
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