Stands for "Take the loss". Frequently used to describe flunking a test, being dumped, being stood up, being beaten up or robbed, or losing one's money in the stock market, gambling, or through exploitative business schemes.
I really took the L on that history exam.
by cazort August 25, 2003
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"L" stands for Loss. Originally used to describe one's disposition of engaging in an activity that he/she does not particularly like.

A typical comment made by 12 year olds while arguing on mainstream Youtube music videos.

Oftentimes spammed or used at irrelevant situations.
-I totally flunked my math exam yesterday...
-Just take the L bro.
by Misanjin March 16, 2016
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'Take the L' means 'take the loss.'

This became really popular for some reason, and is often used when someone gets roasted or when they loose/fail (at) something.
Lol, Ricegum came out with a new diss track about Jacob Sagitarus! He's gonna take the L again!😂😂
by Lia and lidi July 05, 2016
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Something Trump fans have proven they are unable to do after the embarrassing loss of 2020
Glen: there has to be fraud, he didn't lose!

Ron: dude he lost by 8 million votes and couldn't prove fraud in any courts after embarrassing himself repeatedly. Take the L
by Highena January 11, 2021
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A emote toxic kids use in fortnite just so they can piss you off and make you destroy your ps4, xbox, pc, switch, or ipad. It's also a emote you can use to become a toxic child in fortnite
now go fucking impress me
Toxic Kid: *kills you in fortnite*
Toxic Kid: Take the L
You: *smashes pc or whatever you play on*
Toxic Kid: mission accomplished
by u bettr sutp August 01, 2019
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Originally taken from the iconic Chicago Cubs 'Win' and 'Loss' flags for almost 80 years, since 1937. Since the Cubs had such a great (2016) season from the start, and most people bet on them winning, cubs fans were making a "meme" out of the L flags to mean "take a loss". However, no other team in the league uses these flags, they just use their phones...

Sox fan
Trump supporter: Clinton supporters, take the L. XD

Europe to the USA after the 2016 democratic and republican primaries: "lmaoxd take the l"

USA to the world: "lol we die, u die. take the l boiiis"
by unoriginalh3h3prod. December 03, 2016
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