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A child/teenager's most dreaded words to hear when travelling in the car driven by an irate/irritated parent or other authority-figure, and having asked either "Where are we going?" or "What are you going to do?" This hotly-uttered reply indicates that the adult is either feeling guilt-ridden about the fairness/appropriateness of whatever horrid/torturous action(s) are scheduled for the trembling youngster, or else he does not wish to debate/argue about whatever is in store for said wretched passenger, and so he does not want to reveal the details until the last minute.
When a parent/grownup snaps, "You'll find out when we get there!", usually it means one of four things:
(1) You'll be sent to either a doctor for painful/invasive "treatment", or suffer a long/boring lecture with one or more emotionless preachy counselors who don't seem to truly listen or even care about you personally.
(2) You'll be forced to perform one or more difficult/unpleasant/exhausting tasks.
(3) You'll be compelled to spend hours with one or more fellow humans who are of exceedingly undesirable-to-you nature, and/or who will be super-strict with you, feed you insipid/minuscule meals, forbid/severely limit fun activities, etc.
(4) You'll be subjected to horrendous punishment/discipline of some sort. Keep in mind, however, that physical punishment has been outlawed in many areas and is now widely frowned upon, so hopefully you will not actually get beaten, slapped, or otherwise physically traumatized. You may, however, be made to publicly apologize to a lot of people, stand for hours on a street-corner with a huge "I like to ___ whatever misbehavior you're accused of" sign, etc. Be sure to keep notes, take photos/video, and/or otherwise document all events as they occur, however; not only will this make your tormentors reluctant to incriminate themselves by "going too far" in their harshness, but it will also give you proof to file formal complaints with appropriate authorities afterwards if you feel that your treatment was undeserved/illegal/excessive.
by QuacksO July 09, 2018
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