When someone says or does something retarded making everyone around he/she cringe.
Bob: "I eat dick"
Chris: "What the ..."
Jessica: "Um"
Phil: "You gotta go"
by Glo' Elijah September 12, 2016
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When another person is out of pocket, sais something gay, or sais some dumb shit. (You don’t actually have to go) it is an expression used to say check yourself and what you just said
If you drink water will the water drink you? “You gotta go cuz”
by Brothersovereverything March 2, 2019
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An old Brooklyn term used for telling someone to mind there own business, or telling someone to go fuck themselves without directly saying it.
what are you doing over there?
"Hey, why don't ya go see where you gotta go pal"
by South Brooklyn Mexirican July 23, 2018
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When someone says something suspect or retarded
Friend #1: You hungry?
Friend #2: Yeah
Friend #1: What you want to eat?
Friend #2: Ass
Friend #1: You gotta go cuz...
by Shilvergreen June 8, 2018
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