A word used to insult other people because they did something you didn't like.
by CocotheLoco1 September 5, 2020
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when someone needs to shutup the fuck up because they’re being a dumbass bitch, you would say this phrase.
Mira can you shut the fuck up you dumbass bitch?”
by bye yeah it’s me October 14, 2020
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When ones mother says they may not acquire McDonald’s whilst driving past it, one responds with “out you go dumbass hoe
Joe: can we get McDonald’s it’s right there
Joe momma: Nah fam we gotta fruit loop at home

Joe: “out you go dumbass hoe

Joe: *throws mom out of car
Joe momma: gets ran over by thirty eight cars.
by Ppsucck April 16, 2018
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just stop. it’s a dictionary, not a put your birthday saying its the coolest ever book.
“Dude I just made a definition for Apri-“
“stop adding dates to this dictionary you dumbasses. this is called a dictionary for a reason.”
by flatwaterbottle June 3, 2022
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Use it, WAIT for once.
Kelly: "Omg wait"
Roshy: "I can't"
Kelly: "Use patience you dumbass"
by MyDogVioletIsCute October 11, 2017
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