A popular song by the now-famous YouTuber, "Kat McSnatch".
{Erik}: Have you seen the video for Kat McSnatch's new song, "You Are a Cunt"? It's gone viral!
{Cathy}: Yea, I've seen it and even downloaded it to my Ipod!
{Erik}: Our 'rents are going to either ground us for eternity or die laughing if they ever hear it!
by Telephony August 22, 2014
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I swear to god if I see another inside joke or someone slagging someone off on this website I'm going to flip fucking shit. Not to mention the little wankers who think its funny to put their name with the description: funny or big dick or even most beautiful girl.
by Stopthisshit October 21, 2013
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A phrase to use against the filthiest of human
Nathan Spits in Lockier’s sandwich, “Fuck off Nathan you rat dog cunt
by Richardhotones November 13, 2020
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"it just means you're being a cheeky cunt. it just means itself"
"um, you cheeky cunt"
by youcheekycunt June 6, 2022
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A direct exclamation towards an unpleasant thing or a person.
Neighbours dog wont stop barking - Shut up you fucking cunt! Or I'll slit your throat and hang you by the hind legs from the nearest tree.

Argument in a pub or club - Outside you fucking cunt! Parking lot. NOW!
by de-pube March 31, 2023
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Used by Eegra in their valentines day comic, where Bowser handed Peach a card with this phrase, and subsequently believes it is a sweet love message. Or something. Whatever the case, it's an exclamation yelled at a loved one that expresses ones awkwardness in a social or romantic situation.
"Happy valentines day! I will tear you a second cunt with my thorny cock!"
by Kyouchou Budgie April 28, 2009
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