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Yostin is the one person that you will want to encounter in your life. He will surely have a naturally big penis, an okay sense of humor and a great personality, and very trustworthy and honorable. He will usually be very handsome and unique. He will also be very smart, he is the type of guy who makes mistakes in life but will quickly learn from them. He is likely to give his companion great pleasure, and happiness. So if you ever get his attention enjoy it because he is someone you want by your side.
"Yostin is the only reason that I want to keep living"
by Thebossreborn May 21, 2017
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a yostin can come in different sizes. sometimes he's small. he's also weak afff and has spike hair. he sucks dick and gets no pussy
is that weak ass yostin?
by jojojohougogou May 25, 2016
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