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The garbage that gets thrown under bleachers during sporting events.
"Wow Stacy, there's so much yort down here"
by Momen March 07, 2014
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(V) The process of a man bleaching his asshole. The name is chosen from the noise made while the bleach is applied to the asshole. Also known as yorting.
When the chemicals used to bleach made contact with his asshole, the man cried out “YORT!”
Can’t wait to go to the salon and Yort. My assholes been getting pretty dark lately.
by Shindeiru October 24, 2017
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Word of welcome or general exuberance.

Also see yort-dar
1. It took all night, but the lads finally got Leftover Crack to say YORT! on stage.

2. When Craig saw Micky he shouted YORT! to get his attention.
by dtdb August 26, 2007
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Stage name for a songwriter/singer and musician. Not well know yet, but up and coming in the music industry.
"Wow did you hear the great music of Yort? I can't wait until his next album."
by julio9876 October 23, 2009
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A "Yort" is a slang word for a Newport cigarette.
1.) Yo man can I get a Yort ?

2.) Do you have a Yort on you?
by Billy Bilow July 03, 2016
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