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The U.P. (Upper Peninsula) of Michigan where the people living there are often called Yoopers. Because the U.P. is so different from that of the rest of Michigan it is often thought that the U.P. should break off and form the 51 state, Yooperland. It is an impossible dream however and many Yoopers are content to be an unoffical 51st state (Puerto Rico can also claim this as they are a U.S. commonwealth). If Yooperland were to exist its capital would likely be either Marquette or Escanaba.
Aino:"Boy is it good to be in da Yooperland eh?"
Toivo: "You becha!"
by Yooper Jack January 11, 2010
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The name Yoopers sometimes call the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, the homeland of the Yooper people.
Kalevi is from Yooperland.
by Juhani the Yooper July 07, 2012
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