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The real way that "Yeet" is put into past tense.
"Yesterday I YONT my coke can at the teacher...I got suspended."
by JollyTheWalrus October 21, 2017
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Redneck or hillbilly slang for "do you want." "Yont" was voted best redneck slang word of 2014. In my opinion it is the greatest shorthand ever. This word is useally used in southern states of America.
Yont some whip a**, or y'all want to look down the barrel of my shotgun!
by The redneck boss December 25, 2016
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the joing of the words 'you' and 'want'
Where do yo'nt this tractor parked?
by Swarsfanatic May 11, 2005
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When you yeet something very slowly
Bro, be careful, If you YONT the glass, then you willn't break it!
by Yeeticus Yeetison November 28, 2018
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You and don't combined into one word.
"Yon't get a cookie"
"Yon't do that here"
by BabyBatBoy November 12, 2018
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