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The killing of all 'SwagFags and Hipsters' unlike its cousin, the Holocaust, the yolocaust is considered by many to be good; successful.
*News Reporter*
"Live now from downtown L.A, the Yolocaust has begun, with more that 100 hipsters already presumed dead in Forever 21, snapbacks and fake glasses littering the streets"

Nick- Finally!
by NoThisIsPatrick February 04, 2013
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The day that was dreamed of when all the swaggers,saggers, and their duck face girlfriends were killed.
I had a dream last night and I killed all the swaggers, saggers , and their duck face girlfriends. It was called the yolocaust.
by redeye May 29, 2013
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The future terrorisim set to kill all of the guys with 'SWAG' and all of thier duckface girlfriends. This event is scheduled to take place in the year 2020.
Bro 1: Hey, bro! Mike just invited me to his sister's pajama party! Totally gonna get laid! Yolo, dude!

Bro 2: Can't wait until the yolocaust...
by girlthatgoestocarwise February 17, 2013
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The idealology that it's totally cool to rain down the pain, on the level of the holocaust, on to users of the phrase 'YOLO'
Guy une: Nah s'awll cool brah, I'll just dump her and get someone new. YOLO.

Guy deux: I swear down I will punch you so hard you'll experience 6 years of concentrated, systematic, state sponsored destruction of the lives of over 6 million innocent men, women and children. YOLOCAUST, BITCH.
by Smithy Von Cooperstein May 07, 2012
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The Yolocaust was a very important time for 2014.
Every swagger, pregnant twelvie, gayolo, and #hashfag was eliminated from Facebook, Twitter, and (most of) 4chan.
The reason for this is still being investigated but it is widely accepted in school education that it resulted as a political fight between Grammar Nazi's and the Twelvie Squad on June the 22-23rd, 2014.
Maddi: Hey Dad, did you do anything special when you were younger?
Dad: Hell yes! I survived the 2012 Apocalypse, I witnessed the first Black US President, and the 2014 Yolocaust.
Maddi: Yolocaust?
Dad: It was a terrifying time for your mother. Ask her.
by Blu186 July 06, 2013
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The discrimination against, rude or unnecessary comments/actions toward, and/or the killing of any number of people. Because yolo.
Guy 1: Hey man, look at those old people playing bingo.

Guy 2: Let's shoot all of them.. because yolo.

Guy 1: Alright bro, but then we gotta go throw dog shit at those kids at the park.. because yolo.

Guy 2: Damn, we're about to have a yolocaust on our hands!
by JustAnotherGingerNigger May 26, 2012
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