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A Handsome man who has a keen talent for making people laugh. Lover of Food and all things cooking. Has an eye for beauty and an intellect unparalled in the known universe. pronouced Yo'Highness - like the Kings of Abyssinia.
If I had a second child, I would name him Yohannes.
by SaharJohan August 06, 2019
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bitch ass motherfucker, usually black. he smells like a sack of rotten horse shit as well
you are acting like a real fucking yohannes today
by papa-ron April 30, 2019
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A good looking Dutch-Portuguese man who should be worshipped by all.
Girl 1: Man, I've only been dating Frankies and Aarons... those mawfucka's ugly.
Friend: Gurllllllll, okurrrrrr, get yourself a Yohanne aka chocolate papi.
by bigdickbandit1 July 30, 2018
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