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A bogan from the plant variety.

Natured from Australia.
"Let's go to Yogan's house and sink some bevs"
by BeverageBogan October 14, 2018
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A bit of a bender, a yogan likes nothing more than to groom his moustache and talk about LAN connections.

Often spotted browsing for graphics cards or a new butt plug, Yogans are also known to enjoy a good brotherly cooking session, often resulting in a dirty shirt!

If you see a Yogan, it’s advisable to gently stroke his buttocks whilst whispering soothing words of derision into his ear.
Ooh I’m Yogan

OMG look at that guy trying to unobtrusively sniff men’s anuses. What a Yogan!
by IamYogan September 17, 2018
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