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Yoana is a very mysterious creative and happy person. She is many more things, as she has a wide range of interests and keeps an open mind, but manages a balance in her personality. She is bubbly and cute, usually nice to poeple when they are nice to her :D. She is good with people, likes to smile and to laugh a lot and loves her friends.
Her art, drawing and phtography are very important to her as is music and other creative arts.
A Yoana is naturally sarcastic, competitive and ghetto-fabulous.
In order to understand Yoana more go and meet her, she loves to make new friends and you will benefit from her frindship <3
go Yoanas ^_^
by yoona June 17, 2010
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A Yoana is a female with the capacity to act exactly like your mother while also providing you with the best experience a girlfriend can give. She is smart, careful and considerate. Her beauty is undeniable and attracts all men with a pulse. Her words linger like the sweet scent of a rose as they come into contact with you. Like many flowers, she also has thorns. This can be seen in her dark side as she enjoys be extremely rough with those she loves the most.
Guy 1: Hey did you notice that girl over in the corner? I can't look away from her beauty..
Guy 2: Oh wow bro, she must be a Yoana, she makes me feel at home.
by One summer breeze August 21, 2017
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A tall bashful and spirited female. A Yoana, can easily be spotted out in a large crowd, either because of her electrifying presence, or because she has been injured. A Yoana's soul is often split up into for ethnic groups; hispanic, african-american, native- american, and bulgarian. A Yoana is naturally sarcastic, competitive, ghetto-fabulous, normally extremely innocent, and can be an occasional bitch. A Yoana is similar to a small puppy. Oh you are such a Yoana!
by yoann July 25, 2009
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A person who has the ability to make ordinary social situations awkward as hell.
Friend:Dude,that was so awkward.Why did you do that?!
Me: I don't know,I am such a Yoana.
by rainydayandapotoftea August 18, 2013
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