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Anything and everything. Can replace any word or name.
What’s up my Yoab!” “Drop that Yoab!” “Stop Yoabing!” “I got Yoabs calling.”
by Ziggyp January 07, 2019
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A Yoab is the total Alpha male in peak physical form

He is kind and very cool

Everyone wants to be a 'Yoab'

And the ladies LOVE him
That guy is such a Yoab; he's so cool. I would love to be a Yoab.
by NotYoab October 17, 2018
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He is a loser

Has no freinds

Always gets bullied

The girls hate him
If someone calls you a Yoab then go jump of a building with no parachute.
by Yoab The mistake March 23, 2018
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