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A word said out of excitement, satisfaction, or in agreement.

pronounced - YICK - EEEEE !
-Yo you ready to smoke this blunt.
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The term "Yickie" refers to anything that is awesome, good, ect. The word most commonly is applied as an adjective, an adverb or verb
Adjective: Dat's a real "Yickie" Moses piece son!

Adverb: Yo he drove "Yickie". Our lurk game was proper while we puffed on dat L dogg.

Verb: My big jawns gonna get real "Yickie on dis chicks cooter tonight son!

Noun: I dont know what "Yickie" is but i like it!!!

EX: Yo dis nigga is lookin' like money banks ova here! Lets get "Yickie" with his sister while he gets a fresh fade at Eric Dickersons Barber Shop..."Yickie"...real "Yickie."

EX: Yo lets get real "Yickie" on some vape packs dogg!
by Hawkdaddyjizzim April 22, 2011
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