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A term used when calling some either homosexual, Useless (Due to things such as forgetting to bring a camera out, not charging batterys, regular shenanagans that cause quite a kafuffle), Albino, Rich, Greasy Or Someone Who Constantly Eats Fast Food.
Hey Yiam You Say You Dont Eat Fast Food, Well What Did You Have Yesterday
Well I Had KFC
And The Day Before Yiam
Well Burger King But It Didnt Count Cos I Only Had 2 Supersize Meals *Greas Drips Of Pickaxe of a chin*
by Jay Clarkson January 01, 2005
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Hewwwwo! Im yiam and i like ollie assworth! He gives it good - mmmmm - just thinking of his rock hard fist is making me tingle! Anyway I gotta go for my KFC, cya l8r kiddas!
Yiam is my name - bumming is my game ;)
by Chris "the daddy" Parr January 07, 2005
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an acronym for "yours in all modesty"
Thanks for agreeing with me. You know I'm right!
yiam, Phil
by ZenTiger May 09, 2005
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