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Is a Russian girl name. She is very sexy, fun, and loves to be loud and make sexual jokes. Has a big heart and is loved!
person 1- Did you see hear about the new girl?
person 2- No, who is she?
person 1- She is a yeva
person 2- DAAMMM i wanna know her
by yevachka2109 December 12, 2010
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A Eve; The most amazing girl you will ever meet, She will pick you up when you are down even in the hardest moments. Eve is probably the best person to go to for advise of any kind , Eve is the smartest persom you will know she is a very intelegent girl. When she tells you she loves you she means it, she will be the funniest person you will know. Omg shes just perfect in anyway shes smart, pretty, talented, the best , i could go on for hours , shes the bestest friend shes a very special person in your life. Shes the first person you think about when you make plans. Shes the first person you go to when you need someone to talk to. You will call her up just to talk about nothing, or the most important things in your life. When you’re sad she will try their hardest to cheer you up. She give the best hugs in the world! Eve is the shoulder to cry on, because you know that she truly cares about you. In most cases eve would take a bullet for you,cuz she just is the best person in the whole entire world , how could you not love eve , if you are an eves bes friend your pretty special also eve is very weird haha
When your friend is Yeva your life js complete
by Coolgoat324 November 03, 2018
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