The opposite of redneck this critter only comes out in overwhelming numbers of other yellownecks singing "We shall overcome" whilst waiting for the brownies to take effect. The last gasp dregs of the first addle-brained hippies and the first cries of rage from this NEXT generation of addle-brained hippies.
Theyellowneck lesbian pro-wrestler could not understand why after beating up on some people SHE felt needing beating up she herself was taken into custody raging and damaging herself as she did.
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by @thedocwho2 August 16, 2017
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Typically that one Asian wannabe cowboy, who no matter when you see him, looks like he lives on a dude ranch. He usually wears a button down shirt, blue jeans and sketchers and a ten gallon hat. He tries to act country, even though he's Korean, and he lives in San Francisco.
Why is that Asian Guy dressed up like the Cisco kid? Is he a Hipster?

No. That there is a yellowneck.
by onlyjust August 12, 2013
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Asian-American who understands importance of guns, motorcycle skills to navigate bad traffic during emergenies and is empowered. Puts her foot down when it comes to racism or discrimination in the workplace. Fights pro se in court, when needed.
- Muslim-American woman: When am I going to get a female Uber driver?
- (Uber car pulls up, yellow truck, Asian female in suit)
- Not redneck... yellowneck!
by Ty-H July 15, 2018
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