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A racially mixed individual with parents of the race Caucasian, and African-American. The individual, because of the 3/5 compromise, back in slavery times is automatically declared African-American on account that one of his parents was black.However if the child was born with very light skin it could pass for white, and could live amongst whites and live a normal life back then. A yellow boy can also be an African-American, individual whose ancestors had to have been white otherwise they're skin wouldn't be so light brown.
The individual described as being yellow has very light skin almost white but with a little brown to it.

Black boys that usually get girls on a consistent basis for some reason. And are usually preferred amongst black women.
Chris Brown is a YELLOW BOY.
Boy: Hey girl when you tryna go to the movies wit me?
Girl: I told you I already have a boyfriend
Boy: O, well you need ta drop that yellow boy and get you a real nigga.
by e.m.h. titans for life.GOON January 02, 2009
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the sexiest handsomest creatures in the universe , good in bed . huge cock knows how to treat a lady and satisfy her pussy . kind and loving . and can fuck a nigga up
Sue: hey mary guess what?

Mary: what?
Sue: i go out with one of the yellow boys <3
Mary:OMFG! your so lucky , like omg
by GLSW November 07, 2010
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