An ingredient in many foods and drinks, most popularly known to be in Mountain Dew, but can also be found in tic-tacs.

An Urban Myth states that this shrinks your testicles.

Not to be confused with Maroon 5.
Samantha: "Why are you drinking that Mountain Dew, don't you know it has Yellow 5 in it?"
Andrew: "Do you honestly think they would sell a product that shrinks your testicles and not even put a warning label on it, or even sell something like that at all?"
Samantha: "Oh... I never thought of it that way"
by Brass Monkey April 21, 2005
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Not only shrinks tesiticles. its been scientifically proven to reduce penis size as well.
I drank mtn dew with Yellow 5 and now i'm 2in.
by digerra November 15, 2005
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tartrazine, a synthetic, yellow dye used in many food products and attributed to hyperactivity in children
Yellow 5 is used in mountain dew so much that it led to the development of an urban legend about it causing the testicals to shrink.
by Light Joker January 2, 2006
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food coloring that shrinks ur testicles.
thank god those free cookies at the supermarket said yellow 5 free. now i dont have to worry about my testicles shrinking.
by moon August 1, 2004
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