A term referring to the city of Edmonton, Canada. Originated from the airport code yeg. Frequently used on Twitter.
#yeg traffic is crazy today
by Disbandment April 28, 2015
In Toronto, "Yeg" is short for Yonge and Eglinton, the main intersection in Midtown Toronto. It features a mall, some nice pubs, and other boutiques/cafes. Yeg can be the immediate surroundings of the intersection or could be used as an alternative name for any parts of Midtown east of Avenue Road, south of Blythwood Road, west of Mount Pleasant Road and north of Davisville Avenue.
Person 1: Wanna go to Yeg after school?
Person 2: Sure!
by bluepen75 April 6, 2021
This word is used to describe anything that is below the expected standard.
"Yo check it, this weed is yeg"
"Dont buy that yeg!"
"That film was yeg"
by XxTwistedxX May 17, 2009
A simple contraction of “Your” and “Leg”.
“Yeg is gone.” Said a doctor to an amputee. “Its in the bottom of the ocean.” Cause he was in the navy.
by BobShwarma December 15, 2021
To not have a current answer to ones misunderstanding or current question, used as a placement answer while you think of a fitting answer.
Hey man, do you have any idea when the game will be on tomorrow?

Uh, Yeg.
by HurtfulHalo July 16, 2020
Basically, Yeg means yes.
It originated through the mis-prenounciation of yes.
"Do you have any fags?"
"Yeg, here in my pocket"
by Jake Neale April 6, 2005
A word used by two gay boys who are obsessed with cocks and chodes
U know those lads they’re yegs
by Bigmanyoda March 11, 2021