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An apathetic form of Yeah? indicating you really don't care.
A: I ate soup for lunch today.

B: Yean?
by frieky July 10, 2008
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1) To reply to someone in a sarcastic way - like saying "great" sarcastically

2) Can say it anywhere like " yeet " or "fuck"
1) Person 1 : "It's raining outside"
Person 2 : "Yeans"

2) "YEANS!"
by Madrinlaurmily69 October 06, 2019
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When one is too lazy and/or high to say the phrase "you know what I mean?" in it's entirety.
I seem to be expierencing extreme cotton mouth from that weed, I sure could use a cold beverage yean?
by Saert May 27, 2018
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black peoples way of saying jeans (formally known as "jeans", but sounds better using yeans) usually the ghetto ones speak like this
you can even hold the note so it sounds like yeannnnnsssss and dont forget to put exta negro-like emphasis on the -eans!
damn im broke and i need to bless myself, look at yall lookin sweet wearin your crisp white t's and some nice ass yeans!
by b drizzle the nizzle August 03, 2009
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"you ain't even" "you haven't even" or "you didn't even"
people who talk too damn fast for their own damn good say it. usually dragged out.
yeeean hearrd bout the chinese foodplace that openedup down the screet?
by nappyafrochik April 05, 2003
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An extremely attractive male , rich and a huge dong.
Everyone is normally jealous of Yean.
All the girls want Yean.
The pinnacle of being a man.
Man I wish I was Yean! Looking how good looking he is!
by Jsgib June 20, 2018
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Missing after hockey beer. Can be used for most sports. Generally used for people not willing to stay and socialize after a team sport.
David pulled a yean last night because he had to go move a couch.
by Deschski April 21, 2018
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