A reply to someone saying sarcastically, "Yeah, right." Instead of getting defensive, this remark is doubally sarcastic. If somebody's being stuck up and thinks they're cool by being sarcastic, saying this will make them reallly mad because they know they've been defeated.
Aimee: Guess what?
Brianna: Chicken butt. No, I lied. What?
Aimee: My basketball team just won the high school championships!
Brianna: Yeah right. (sarcastically)
Aimee: Yeah, right! (enthusiastically) I'm so glad you understand!
by ReDsOxBaBe October 2, 2005
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Ironic or sarcastic expression of agreement that really means disagreement or dismissal. See whatever.
No, Howard Dean is a man of character and conviction . . .
Yeah, right!
by octopod November 22, 2003
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I doubt it. (double positive equaling a negative.)
1st person:"The United States went into Iraq to establish democracy and promote freedom."
2nd person: "Yeah right."
by kfm February 2, 2005
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You don't Care or You Don't Believe What is said

Person 1 : Jack Black Is The Best Actor/singer/comedian in the world

Person 2: Yeah Right ( i don't believe you Or i Don't Care)
by Temter January 17, 2019
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Sarcastic agreement, meant to convey disagreement.
"John Kerry is a statesman."
"Yeah, right!"
by octopod May 30, 2004
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Yeah right is a sarcastic phrase, two positive words, when combined, equal a negative.

In NZ, in the 1990s, the Kiwi beer Tui adopted and adapted the phrase “yeah right” for a billboard campaign that poked fun at all aspects of culture, sex, romance, life and geopolitics.

“Yeah Right” became a New Zealand pop culture catchphrase and integral cornerstone of New Zealand spoken and written English. Yeah right has extensive coverage in the NZ press and went global on Youtube as the Internet expanded.
Not all guys think like that - Yeah right.

Australians don’t have a silly accent - Yeah right.

U.S. Intelligence - Yeah right.
by Primary Producer NZ April 19, 2020
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that mean u lying
Ordinary pimp:"I got mo' hoes than you"

Pharoahpimp:"Yeah right"
by pharoahpimp April 4, 2004
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