A pseudo- Old English word meant to connect a restaurant or shop to the medieval period. It is actually meant to be pronounced "The old", but most people say "Yee old". The 'y' used to be the old English letter 'thorn' (þ), which represents a 'th' sound.
A: Did you go to Ye Olde Shoppe? I heard it's hundreds of years old!
B: It was literally established last year. Also, you're pronouncing it wrong.
by lodakabal November 12, 2020
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pronounced: "yee old" or alternatively "y'old"

A phrase of ebonic origin to be used before an insult.
Silas: Get Him!
Jamal: Ye olde Jiminy Cricket looking ass
Silas: Get Him!
Jamal: Ye old Tony Danza shoe-wearing ass

etc etc
by E = emceesquared January 14, 2011
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When something is unnecessary, a pain in the ass, “bend me over the barrel”, old and overpriced
Kanye ye olded Taylor swift at the vmas.
LA traffic is ye old.
Fucking ye old DMV line.
by #Teamblackout December 28, 2019
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Very pretty kitty who comes in any colour so long as its a grey tabby. Also likes to be called Saffy and Sapphire. Has a sister called (woozle) too.
by Carrie September 3, 2004
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From Family Guy, when Peter Griffin started his old English pub. As you can tell, he put an E at the end of the words to make it Old English like. Knowing Peter, he would an 'e' on Pub, making it Pube.
Bob: I'm going to the Ye Old Pube
Joe: --Pube? Is that a gay bar?
by Don C. Hawantme June 1, 2007
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A band of weirdos who are loud, annoying, lonely, and random scream about memes

(no one can say that about us but me cause I'm in the band)
Wow ye old Kerfluffle is a really weird band
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