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The act of placing an outstretched finger (index or otherwise) into the mouth of a friend, aquaintance, family member, significant other or stranger at the peak of a yawn.

NB. One who yawn rapes is a yawn rapist, and one can be "yawn-raped"
Keith yawn raped Vince.
Keith is a yawn rapist.
Keith was proscecuted for yawn rape.
by goats, eggs and daisies July 10, 2008
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The act of putting your finger inside someone's mouth as they yawn and shouting "yawnrape!", or just shouting "yawnrape" after someone has yawned.
Dan: **yawns**
by Bubbles_wishes July 02, 2009
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Defined by Russell Howard as 'when someone sticks their finger down someones throat mid yawn'

Usually causes coughing in the victim
'Omg I was yawning in Law when that guy next to me totally yawn raped me'

by Sophsterinnitg January 22, 2009
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Sticking a finger in someone else's unsuspecting mouth while they're mid-yawn...causing them to end prematurely.
Victim stretches and opens theirr mouth:

<stick finger in their mouth>

"Don't yawn rape me!"
by Paulo5 December 16, 2009
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When somebody yawns and then a 'yawn rapist' sticks his finger in the mouth of the 'yawnees' mouth, and then shouts, "I Just Raped You In The Mouth!"
A woman is sitting down on a train.
The woman yawns.
A man jumps across the train and sticks his finger in her mouth and shouts,"I Just Raped You In The Mouth!"

by MegaBarneyBoo January 31, 2011
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One of the many unnecessary actions Chad does in the process of annoying/confusing the people around him.
Chad just stuck his finger in my mouth, and then, after the moment of confusion, I realized it was yawn rape.
by Tetheas March 27, 2010
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