(noun) A discreet code word for a mud shark used as to not arouse suspicion in the presence of said mud sharks.

Mud Shark - A white girl who enjoys coitus with black guys.

(verb) to yark or yarking - the act of a white girl being attracted to black guys, usually resulting in coitus.
Poor guy, he has no idea his sister is a yark.

Shut up you stupid yark.

Amanda has really taken up yarking after her break up with Todd.
by The Hard Truth April 13, 2009
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To chat shit or talk rubbish.

Also see - to chat breeze.
Jack:Is it true you was yarking about Jill!?
Bob: Nah I just said shes a hoe.

Or "Yarking your mouth off".
by MattArchie March 14, 2007
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Yark, like 'fuck' can be used as any part of speech. The true definition of Yark will not be revealed, as only a select four know the actual definition.
As an verb: I'm gonna yark when I get home.
Can you please yark me now.
As an adjective: Your extreme degree of yark makes me hot.
As a noun: My favorite toy is yark.
As an adverb: My sllab is so itchy that its beyond the yarky mark.
by Doctor Fuckson December 2, 2010
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North East UK word for thrashing/beating up something/someone.
Am ganna fuckin' yark that fat bastard when he gets home.
by Graham2493 February 18, 2022
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It is a noise that one makes by putting air in their cheeks. Put the air in your cheeks, and take your and and move it side to side rapidly on your cheek to sound like a chipmunk.
Person 1: did you hear that noise?
Person 2: yeah, that kid was just yarking. (Present tense of yark)
Person 1: oh ok
by Yeehawbois November 16, 2018
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An awesome female ! Known for funny sense of humor. Every one wishes to be her friend. Down to earth black girl. Darkskin . Very Pretty .
Steven: That girl Yark is Awesome at life !

Bry: I know right , I want her to be my bestfriend !

Steven: Your not cool enough to be her bestfriend shes on another level like me ...
by cooolboy1 July 20, 2011
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