Nickname for Bryanna

Hands down probably the most amazingest girl you will ever meet. Once you become friends with her get ready because she will change your life forever, you will never be able to forget her. She's beautiful know that. She has the most chill personality it's almost crazy. She knows how to make everyone laugh and feel happy. All the boys chase after her because of her down for anything, willing to have fun persona. And not to mention that she's very trust worthy so know that when you tell her something that she'll guard your secret with her life. She's a true example of how a friend should be. Bascially the greatest girl on the face of the earth.
You see that girl?

Yeah, her names Bryanna
by the11 June 25, 2011
Studly man on the exterior, but a soft and gentle soul. Will fight for a woman's honor and stand behind his friends. Only a hero can have this name
by editor and chief February 4, 2010
Bry is unique just like her name . She is sensitive and sometimes boy crazy. She is very fashionable and always trying to fit in. She hides her feelings behind a mask of happiness. She always voted for something like prom queen, class president. She the best friend you would never want to let go. She very colorful and vibrant. She always wondering what people think of her every second.
Bry is so cool and fashionable

I'm voting for bry for class president
by Lilcharbry524 October 25, 2016
Current leader of bakagang aka Coi Leray’s twin/ funny reply guy
Bry(@beforer3) is so funny
by Twitter ooc dickridin July 19, 2022
Nickname for Brian (or Bryan)

see also Bri (pronounced Bry n not Br-ee)

Joe: Ayy Bry howya goin mate??

Brian: Im cool mateeee
by AussieOzM8 March 19, 2010
A word used when you're seeking attention or just plain depressed and gay.
"DONT BE A BRY DUMBASS" said Emily to Depressed Josh.

"IM SO BRY RIGHT NOW!" Said Charlie while shooting rainbows everywhere.
by Beaniemcfuckface November 16, 2016
bry bry is the nickname for bryan. it's also the best nickname nickname for bryans and the bryan i am friends with should accept the nickname
bryan just let me call you bry bry for fucks sakes
by statixical October 28, 2020