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Is a kind and unique girl. This name is usually used for Hispanics. She is beautiful and thick. Gets many things done, and always has time for her true love. She does not like her heart getting played. She's very sensitive and the jealous type. But if you take care of her and treat her with love. She'll love you always. She loves having a bestfriend who cares and knows a lot, knows when she's about to start arguing and knows when she loves you. She will always love you, and if she cares about you than you're her world. Take care of her.
Yarielis, needs love and hope.
by Loved.shawtyy💕 August 10, 2016
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One of CJ’s friends that smells like sardines mixed with wet gym socks.
Whew! I just walked by Yarielis and my nose almost fell off!
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