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The scum of America. Whenever the Yankees lose, they bring up their 27 world series rings, as if that means anything during that game. Yankee fans are most hated by Red Sox and Mets fans, but the fans of the other 27 MLB teams hate them too. They like to start fights with anyone that they think is a Yankee hater. Unlike most fanbases, who usually only boo their own team/players when they fuck up royally, Yankees fans will boo whenever someone fucks up, even if it's just a small fuck up. They are also some of the most uncivilized people on Earth.
example A: Someone with New York license plates and/or anything pro-Yankees on their car parks outside of Fenway Park. The car is usually left alone. The owner of the car walks into Fenway Park all decked out in Yankees gear. He or she is shouted at, booed, and heckled by RedSox fans.

Example B: Someone with Massachusetts license plates and/or anything pro RedSox parks their car outside Yankee Stadium. They will most likely return to find their tires slashed. The owner of the car goes into Yankee Stadium all decked out in RedSox gear. He or she is shouted at, booed, and heckled, and more often than not they are also pelted with anything that can be thrown at them by Yankees fans.
by somewhereinMA December 27, 2010
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n; a front runner, a cocky homo loving(jeter) loser who "likes" the yankees so he has a chance to indentify with the glory and victory he will never achieve in his own life.
a snobby rich stock broker who knows nothing about baseball yet sits front row all season long who sneers at anyone who beats the yankees, parading yankees history as his own feat saying, " 26 championships" a glorified version of " scoreboard"
by webster October 15, 2003
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Quite possibly may be the biggest reason for the economic success of the New York Yankees. The Yankees fans pride themselves on being "hardcore" and virulently support the "Evil Empire" year after year, wearing the hats and buying the jerseys. The one problem with Yankees fans is the fact that every single gang-banger in the United States supports this "business" of a baseball team by buying their hats or placing them in the back of their Cadillac Escalade/Buick Regal/generic hood ride. One other problem with Yankees fans is that worldwide they are known to be a group of yuppies that honestly get behind a team that always wins because of it's tactics at buying its championships. Generic sounding rappers and DJ's also fit into the sub category of Yankees' followers. When one turns on BET, one sees the same style of video with former-future gangbanger-drug slinger trying to dodge bullets/dance wearing a black/red/white Yankees hat. Completely void of originality is a typical Yankees fan, relying on the "frontrunning" that probably 80% of Yankees fans do.
Yankees Fans wouldn't show up if the Yankees sucked, but that's not going to happen, if $teinbrenner and Ca$hman keep buying their Series for their fellow "Noo Yawkaz"
by Johnny hates NOVA May 08, 2006
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The most intelligent and rabid of all baseball fans. The hatred other fans have for them is masked franchise envy from which they will never get over even after an afterlife of therapy.
That guy really knows baseball it makes sense he's a yankees fan.
by zippogun May 19, 2007
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