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Yangle is a shortened term referring to a triangle that yawn. As many know, yawning is considered "contagious", as if one person yawns, it is proven that another person is 78% more likely to yawn. If someone in a group of three, in the case of a yangle, yawns, it is extremely likely for somebody else in the group to yawn, and again. This a continuous cycle until somebody leaves the group or resists the urge to yawn.

Other terms that are used to refer to this event but with different numbers of people include:
"Yair" - pair of people yawning
"Yaquare" - square of people yawning
"Yantagon" - a pentagon of people yawning
Billy yawned, causing Sophie to feel the need to yawn. Shortly after, Hannah yawned again. The cycle continued, and they began to yangle
by The splendid person July 05, 2017
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